Please [INFINITE SCROLLING] Do a Display contents as GRID / Thumbnails / List

I’m very frustrated as Creator because my patrons can’t have a good experience about seeing my contents… the patreon needs urgently an Update how the contents are displayed,
like, Grid as thumbnails or List

I’m losing many patrons because they can’t even watch the first tutorials posted…
I mean, what on earth they will scroll down forever to see my old posts? since it’s only video tutorials?

look here below one of my Exit survey reply…
“its insane… i dont understand his platform … the categories are confusing and i dont want to waste trying to understand something that shouldn’t be hard to understand to begin with.”

really guys, I’m considering to build my own page and bring all my patrons out of your system because of this bad User experience of infinite scrolling. Please, do a better display with GRID / List - options Thumbnails urgently…


I looked at your page, and it seems like you use tags very sporadically, if at all. I think that’d help save a bit of a headache in getting to the posts people want to see.

But I agree, the infinite scrolling is mega broken and extremely laggy.


This is how I imagine would be better for us that are video creator.


I don’t disagree, but in the mean time, if you want to avoid supporters being frustrated, you could use tags and refer them to those tags. Or consolidate all the videos into one post. I’ve done that for my page as well.

I can understand your frustration. It’s hard to get people into your content if you’re just using the platform without utilizing all of its features.

Grid or list would suck for many creators though. Sure it’d be nice for people who only produce videos but not everyone does. If you want people to see your older content, make what’s called sneeze pages. Those are posts that are essentially categorized posts with lists of your content. You can even PIN one post to the top of the content list for Patrons to view. Put all your sneeze pages on that pinned post and organize them however you please. Instead of blaming Patreon for not serving a need exactly as you want, try to make what exists work for you. There are always ways to get your patrons to find your content. As someone already said, use tagging more often.

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i’m lucky that i’ve been tagging all my posts since i’ve started on patreon, so i can make my pinned post have a list of tags to check out and a guide for patrons to search thru tags on their own.

BUT i do agree that the infinite scrolling just isn’t working out. i just pledged the maximum amount to a huge creator who’s leaving the platform after this month, because i want to go back and see all the content from the past that i’ve missed. but the infinite scrolling breaks so fast and it refuses to load. and it’s so easy to lose your spot, when pages would work just as well.

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This might not help for a video creator, but here’s what I’ve done to consolidate my work for new and existing patrons:

I have a post pinned to the top called “Full Catalogue Download for Patrons” that contains a link to a dropbox folder with all the folders they are entitled to as patrons. Any time I release a new album, single, or digital zine, I put all of the files in that folder so when someone joins, they can go right there and download whatever the want. Now that I think of it, that would be a good place to put links to the various tags on my Patreon that they might want to stay on top of.

I make a bunch of different types of content, so I have featured links to many of those things at the top of the page. But I’ve been careful to also tag posts with the general thing they are: bonus podcasts, videos, zines, etc are easy to find by category. MAybe this is something you could do with video categories?

Finally, I try to make myself available to help as much as possible. In each bonus podcast post, I have a blurb I cut and paste paragraph that explains how to use their individual RSS feed and telling them to ask me if they need help. I find that making myself available to patrons like that reminds them they I’m here if they can’t figure something out.

I hope you get some of these suggestions help get things in place for you!

Oh also: i love that grid idea and think it would be a bit better than the infinite scroll!

The current best way to avoid infinite scrolling, apart from tags, since there could be a lot in one tag, is to go month by month in the filter options. It’s not ideal, but…

nice point of view michael, thanks!
you know for podcast works well since you just need a link

I did one post pinned with all my contents by link, however it takes time to update always when you post new stuffs… another issue is.

Do you guys know that people can just join in your patreon, copy all links in this pinned post and delete the their pledge? yes I’ve notice some patrons doing this, people are not dumb

as I’m a visual creator and people learn my contents by watching my tutorials,
the thumbnails is the only good option for people like me, because patrons can choose which image they wanna create by following my videos.

I’m sure that every creator has different form to display his contents,

Yesterday I’ve cleaned up all my tags and get organised as @sambeawesome suggested.
but still, this doesn’t solve the pain.

HellOOO patrons Developers, we are here discussing the “biggest issue in your UX” , we all are putting a lot of efforts to bring people to your system, getting huge money to your bank accounts and you guys are not being cooperative.

This has been a problem since Patreon began. There’s not really much we or they can do about it, unfortunately. If it gets bad enough, you can take down those videos and upload new ones so the links change. It’s a lot of extra work, but it can at least prevent them from sharing/having perpetual access.

Do you have ‘Charge Up Front’ enabled, btw? I had enough people join and leave my page years back that I switched. Helps avoid some of the issue, and at least I get paid.

Charge up front is the way to go to help prevent this kind of abusive behavior.

“Grid or list would suck for many creators though”
Dude, I’m not asking to change the main UI for everybody.
I’m asking for a Filter if you don’t know what this mean, study more about UI/UX,
I’m not the only one facing this problem, and I’m here exactly to give Patreon feedback about this concern, If you are being ironic about my frustration for not using the feature, I think you are not helping a lot in this discussion.

Again, Tag filter doesn’t help, in this mean while I want to claim for this feature, I have already 85 video exercises at the same category, and how many tags filter should I place to give people a better experience? Have you tried to change tag post by post when you have many? it’s huge time consuming… scrolling experience is laggy and slow…

hi sam, yees I’ve enabled the upfront option recently due to this issue.
thanks for all of your suggestions, really helps

I’m not ignorant of what you are explaining. Patreon is still likely to give your suggestion a thought, but I know how “fast” they tend to move on UI changes. I gave you suggestions on how to use what the platform can do to help your audience. I’ve been on Patreon for over 6 years so I have a TON of posts of various types (almost 500 at last count) to categorize, sort and help members find so I do know what it means to tag posts individually. Your tagging ability maybe limited then if you are tagging every single video with just one category. For example, the tag “video tutorial” would NOT help a reader find what they are looking for, but specifically what topic your video is about. And even better would be a post that you customize and sort for your audience to help them find your stuff. Yes it’s work, but it’s worth it to do while you wait for Patreon to get around to making any changes you suggest.

I really appreciate your suggestion for the tags management.
I’ll be waiting for someone from the staff to come up with a real solution in the next updates.

Just speaking from experience, as someone who’s used Patreon for over five years now, it would be in your best interest to keep working on your own workarounds. Updates like these, if they happen, often take a while, to say the least.

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@sambeawesome @Subguide @simrell @michaelharren @Michael_Loucks thank you all for jumping in with some great suggestions!

@JhonSSilva thank you for writing in to provide your feedback. I see how the infinite scroll can be a frustrating feature for patrons to find some older content. Like few mentioned above, it does take a while for updates to be decided on and rolled out. I will definitely take your feedback to the team to consider for future updates though.


Yes please! Some alternative to infinite scroll would be ideal. I make many publications per month (between 40 to 60) and my patreons find it impossible to navigate my content, especially the old one, since scrolling tends not to load the images. Even filtering by date, it becomes very complex for them to review my content.


Please add a grid option that would be amazing!

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