Please let us search within Benefits!

I would love a feature in which we can search the Benefits page(s) for specific Patrons!

Sometimes I mail a reward, it gets lost or something happens to it, and I want to be able to easily track down that Patron in the “Completed” tab and move them back to the “Due” tab. With how the pages currently work, that requires me paging through five separate sheets of Patrons and using my browser’s ctrl+F feature to look for names. As my patronage grows, that will only become less and less convenient.

Does anyone else think that would be useful? Or even just view all of the Patrons on one page instead of having them separated into pages of 100 Patrons, so I could better use my browser’s search feature?


It would be fantastic to have the benefits tracked in the Relationship Manager. Just look up a patron and check or uncheck a box for the benefits. It would save a lot of time! Or as Ginny said, let us search the names in the Benefits manager.

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