Please pay more attention to audio previews in the new poster

Hey there!

After a bit of testing, I do like the new poster. However, I’m a musician and it’s getting a little frustrating trying to share content with my patrons. Sure we can embed soundcloud things or youtube things but what I really want is to embed bandcamp things and all of the necessary framework on the bandcamp side is there.

I used to be able to just include an HTML embed in the post itself, but now we can’t do that either. So I get a giant “listen on bandcamp” thing as a preview for everyone. I used to be able to email someone and ask for each embed to be fixed manually, but that can’t be the best way to handle this problem.

What gives? Is there any way I can help?

Hey @inversephase ! If I click “Share / Embed” below a track or album on my band camp, and copy the link (in the field labelled “Email”, should read something like then paste that into the “Type or paste audio URL” field on it works just fine. Can you confirm if that works for you? If not, how not?

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Hi @david, sorry for the late reply. That’s what I had been doing in the past, but it didn’t seem to work. I’m releasing a track in the next few days for patrons to listen to, so that should give me a good opportunity to try again now that some things have changed. I’ll report back.

PS. You don’t need to go through that whole share/embed rigamaroll… the share link you’re mentioning is the same as the URL of the page. =]


So here’s a post I just made that exhibits the issue:

Look at that. The thumbnail shows up in the preview card and everything! but once you get to the page, it’s just “listen on bandcamp”. And then to make matters worse, that “listen on bandcamp” doesn’t just take me to the track, it’s an endless click loop.

This is the result no matter which track or album I post.