Please: Referrer URLs.. finally?

The new dashboard’s “traffic sources” was a big disappointment to me. It’s so dumbed-down when compared to free offerings like Google Analytics.

What I want is to see where on the web my content is being discussed, and then to join in that discussion.

  1. Embed a google analytics web bug in my patreon page(s). That way I don’t have to rely on Patreon implementing functionality, I instantly get very sophisticated analytics.

  2. Failing that, I want a list of referrer URLs. I don’t need anything fancy, I just want a text dump of the actual referrer URLs that brought people to my page/posts. Not the domain, not the category… the full URL. I certainly don’t need Patreon to try to categorize traffic for me. Knowing that 14 people came to my post from “Other” doesn’t help at all.


I agree. This would be extremely helpful to have more effective data.

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