Please return the possibility to gate content by pledge amount (not just the tier)

So I’ve been trying to do the ‘limited offer’ thing. I didn’t use the provided templates since I didn’t realize they exist, but basically the idea is that for a month I created a special tier, where people would pledge to get the reward. This is currently my highest tier.

Unfortunately now I had to go back and assign this new tier to all the relevant past content, since even though it’s my most expensive tier, the patrons pledging in it won’t be otherwise able to see anything.
After the month is over, I deleted this tier, since the reward was limited to that month only. Now again I have to bother my (highest paying!) patreons so they change their reward in the tier system etc.

If I was able to set content visibility to ‘pledged $x and above’ I don’t have to do any of this.

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Seconding this. It’s one of the reasons I’ve hesitated to add a $100 tier even though I could really use one. The current system has its pluses, but it’d be nice to have the option of both per-tier and per-dollar permissions.

I also ran into problems with the current system this month. I had to unpublish a tier to create a new version of it, and a few highly sought after posts became unavailable to the new tier, and I didn’t realize it until after several new patrons had joined. I had at least one patron cancel and leave a bad exit survey response about not being able to access what they were supposed to.

The longer a Patreon campaign runs, the more difficult it becomes to backtrack through months or years of content to assign the appropriate permissions. Meanwhile, individual posts still show a message saying “Join now for $2 to unlock this post” even if that $2 tier isn’t available anymore.

If permissions can’t be assigned by dollar amount, there at least needs to be an option to quickly and easily assign past posts to a new tier.