Pledge Growth page -- why the numbers not corresponding to reality?

Hi team,
We are trying to wrap our heads about the “Pledge Growth” page. The numbers – specifically the final “Amount Pledged At End of Month” is way off, as doesn’t take into the account the declines… So for months now it’s showing us an inflated total with some very high pledges – 97 for me, when in fact I’m on 62.
You have all the bits of info (increase in pledge, decrease, deleted, new – but no declines!). Can you please add that, otherwise the important “Total Change” metric is not correct (currently showing I have +$87 dollars, when in fact I’m in minus, as it doesn’t take into the account $120 of declines). And I use that metric to measure my actual growth, and if I’m hitting the monthly target. Thanks!

P.S. Also, why not merge the “Pledge growth” with “Patronage” while we at it? Even more obvious bug when looking at them side by side – surely “total pledges” should be the same number as “paying patrons” and “Pledges Processed” should equal “Total amount pledged”? Or am I missing something?

I have the same question. My Amount Pledged At End of Month is 45% higher than my Gross Earnings. My Total Number of Pledges is 42% higher than my Number of Current Patrons. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Thoughts?