Pledge processor status?

Hello, I remember that at the start of the month there was a huge amount of declined pledges when processing. How is the status of the new processor now? May it happen again for September?

Hey @Sify! we sent an email out earlier today with an update about processing payments this month. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

@mindy – I just wanted to say THANK YOU to whoever decided to send out that update ahead of the new cycle. I’m sure there are a lot of people who are concerned about how things might go with the payments this time, and getting some communication ahead of time really does help prevent panic attacks. :slight_smile:


the status is:
"Adult Content Creators are not welcome on Patreon"
my status is:
"i’ll be moving to Kickstarter/Steam real soon"

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Quite the opposit to me… It looks like Patreon have gone out of their way to protect payments to adult creators by moving the processing so they can actually take payments.

That’s why I asked, I’m not sure if the mail wanted to say ‘‘it should be fixed now’’ or ‘‘We will be running by the same issue’’

I didn’t get any emails from Patreon about September processing. What did it say?

As far as I can tell from my patron manager, it looks like this is going to be another bad one. Only 111 (about 1/3) of my patrons have been processed so far, but 20 have declined. I was just dropping in to see if others were experiencing the same. One patron also contacted me to say that her pledge declined even though she was using Paypal, but she was able to fix it.

Usually I try not to look at declines until day 3, since a lot of them often get fixed quickly by the patrons, but I couldn’t avoid it this month.

Declines are being high again

Yep, only 31% processed and I’m about $60 down from my original $750.

@TheWorst mate, if you think Kickstarter is more welcoming of adult content, I got some news for you…

And Steam isn’t taking ANY adult games right now until the filter system is in, and once it is, it’s still only for game sales, not month to month funding.

Patreon is the least restrictive site and most welcoming site for adult creators wanting monthly funding, objectively.

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So, after all the processing is finished I have 9 failed payments and they are all at the $10 range. It’s hard to say which of these are having legitimate issues and which are frauding me. I’ve sent out my usual message to them about updating details and such but that usually only gains back one or two of the pledges at most.

Does Patreon know what the chances are that this is a problem on their end? I only ask because if the answer is that its unlikely to be their fault I’ll go ahead and block them in a few days if they haven’t paid.

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I’ve been told by three of my patrons using PayPal that their payments are being rejected for no apparent reason. I thought maybe it still had something to do with last month’s change. One patron was able to fix her pledge (She didn’t say how), but the others are still struggling. Is there any news or info about paypal payments getting declined?

@bob, I’d recommend those patrons write into the support team so they can take a look into each case as there could be lots of different reasons for this.

@Elfy similar response I’m afraid. We’ve seen average decline rates this month so it’s likely to be a problem on their end with their payment method.

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Thank you, Mindy! I did just that. Overall, my decline rate has returned to the usual amount, but several patrons had taken the initiative to contact me because they didn’t know why their payment was declined, so I thought maybe something was going on. But I’m glad to hear this isn’t a system-wide problem.

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@mindy Just an update and a question - Two of my $10 patrons are still struggling with this issue and haven’t been able to get their valid Paypal to work, even after going through Patreon support. One of them, who’s been pledging for almost 4 years, is pretty frustrated and asking if she could just Paypal me directly. (I told her I wanted to see if I could find any other way to help first.)

She was told to switch to a credit card but that’s not an option for her, and she shouldn’t have to switch if her Paypal works everywhere outside Patreon and has worked on Patreon for the past 3.5+ years. She’s also in a limited tier that’s in very high demand, and if she loses her slot in it this month, she might never get back in.

I really don’t want to lose a 4-year patron (and I also don’t want to lose $240/year between the two affected long-time patrons), but support wasn’t able to resolve the issue.

Is there anyone else I can contact about this to see if we can get some more in-depth help?

Just randomly got a notification on my account saying that Patreon was having trouble with my credit card. Never had issues with it ever and certainly not the last couple months. It’s been successfully charged every month that i can see. Not expired, still an accurate method of payment. Is this -still- a problem? Are we going to have issues again for October? @mindy

I changed to my paypal for now (which is the same CC…) because my credit card info is -correct- on the page :confused: I can’t update it to anything else. Hopefully this doesn’t render my CC useless on patreon.

Hey @Temrin, apologies for this. I checked with the team and they said please hit “update” and re-enter your credit card information, even if that information is not new. Let me know if that doesn’t work!