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Hi everyone.

I have been running my podcast for a little while now and I have used anchor.fm to upload to the world. I love the platform and there are some analytics but I don’t see how many downloads it has, how many subscribers there are and then I would have to go to each platform to see reviews. What I do see is my podcast performance with how many listens, where they listen from and what device they use.

I am curious if there are any analytic tools that I can use to find out the other information?

Thank you so much

Here is my podcast: https://anchor.fm/abusetalk

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I use Anchor (for a podcast I don’t care if anyone listens to because it’s just for a small group of friends) and Libsyn (for podcasts I want to get more listeners to, and track analytics).

With Anchor, the stats you get are the stats you get. You can get a little more by going to itunesconnect.com to see how people with advanced phones who use the Apple podcatcher behave, but you won’t be able to get the granular stats you want.

I get those stats from Libsyn. Any dedicated podcast host (Libsyn, Blubrry, etc.) where you are the customer rather than the commodity will be able to give you much more detailed stats.


Thank you for the detailed information here.

I am wondering whether I should make a move over as I am wanting to grow the podcast and it is sponsored.

Do you know if I am able to move everything over or would it be a case of starting again?

Thank you.


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The techs at Libsyn or Blubrry would be able to help you shift your hosting in such a way that you didn’t lose any of your subscribers.


Thank you. I will be sure to check this out.

I really appreciate your time in replying.


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Thank you @Nobilis! @JenLGilmour this blog was recommended to me by a podcaster, too.