Podcast special offer?

It’s time to revamp my tiers and launch a special offer, but I can’t think of anything to offer that’s special, that’s not already in the tiers.

Under the new structure, patrons will get (at $5) thanks on show, sticker, to vote on an episode each month, bonus mini-episode, (at $10, that and) a second mini-episode, early access to the regular episode, (at $20, those and) a piece of original fiction.

Other than more physical merch like enamel pins, what else could/should a solo podcaster offer? Based on a consistent lack of social media engagement, Q&A/AMA or hangtimes don’t seem like something my listeners want. (And if you see room for improvement with my tiers, notes are always welcome.)


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It sounds like your fans are more interested in bonus content than other things, but have you ever used polls to further your content? That is, to have your fans weigh in on mini-episode or main episode topics?

You can also do voice mails for top tiers. As for merch, consider stickers or other flat things that are easier to ship, or a handwritten postcard. Think about which tiers those belong in though!


One thing I did was offer something normally reserved for higher tiers which recurrs as a one time bonus for the lower tier sign ups. I think it was pretty effective.


This sounds like a great idea! I never thought of that before. Like the OP here I like to throw in bonus goodies every so often to various tiers (usually stickers) but one-time higher tier rewards for lower-tier sign-ups and whatnot sounds like a great goodie!

And I’ll second Carla: Polls are a good way to get a feel of what your patrons want! If you’re fond of discord, try making a server to encourage some interaction with fans/patrons. I chat with many of my patrons on a regular basis to keep them updated and just to get to know them in general (I don’t have too many, so it’s relatively easy). I’ve a few other patreon creators in the server too and we all share a patron channel so I also watch the reception of what the other creators do for their patrons (we have a lot of overlap). It’s a lot easier to get a feel for what kind of things they’d like to see this way. I’ve added/edited some reward tiers based on feedback and it’s been a great help! I don’t know how many patrons you have but it might be worth trying!

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Thanks for making this thread, @yourbrainonfacts! I wanted to highlight some blogs we’ve written that might inspire you (here, here, and here). I like the idea of polling your patrons as well as your social followers; head’s up that currently the twitter profile on your Patreon page links to a 404 error.

I also think you could use your theme to offer something unique that would bring a bit of joy to your patrons day, like a sending postcard pack of funny facts, or an email that will automatically email you a different fun fact every day for a month.

Voting on episode topics is already a benefit (not that anyone does it).


That’s a really good idea!

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Thanks for pointing out the Twitter link (I forgot to update it when I rebranded) and the articles (I already had one of those open :slight_smile: ).

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