Poll: Who wants to join a book club?

Who wants to join a Patreon community book club? We could read books about self care, creativity, motivation, or fiction for fun. Once I gauge interest, we can work out the details about how often we read something to discuss and in a format that works best. Maybe we could even make special tees?! Up to you :slight_smile:

  • Yes, I’m interested in a book club
  • I might join but can’t commit for sure
  • Not for me
  • I’d like to join but why limit to books?! Let’s discuss all things, like podcasts, articles, and more

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Well, I’m a writer so…

Not really much people engaged into this, isn’t it?

I highly recommend the book “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp! She was a choreographer, but the book is relevant to all types of creatives.

I’m too a writer. I self published some books on Amazon Kindle. But it’s been many months. No one had purchased my book. But even though I didn’t leave my hope. If you have some ideas. Please throw those ideas to me!
Thank you :blush: