Popular hashtags?

Are there any hashtags you’ve noticed that are great for promoting your offering? And on which platform?


Hey @Sibuor! I think it depends on which platform you’re using. On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags and make them as broad or specific as you want. But for Facebook and Twitter, wouldn’t want to use more than two. Hootsuite has a really helpful blog post for using hashtags. What social media platform do you find yourself using the most?

Hey there. I mostly use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Gotcha! IMO, I don’t find hashtags on Facebook very affective. Hashtags are a discovery tool and Facebook isn’t the most discover-y space. Though for Twitter and Instagram, you can create your own branded hashtag so your community knows where to find you. Patreon, for example, has #PatreonCreator and #MadeWithPatrons.

It’s hard to say there’s any specific hashtags good for promoting because there are so many and new ones are made every day. If you want to reach other patrons that already understand Patreon, you could use #PatreonCreator. Or you can use something like #musiciansofinstagram so potential supporters can discover you organically. Depends how far and wide you want to be seen!

Sorry for this little ramble, I hope it makes sense! There are some good tools and generators out there that search widely used hashtags and pulls them all together for you too. :slight_smile:


I find hashtags are very useful on Twitter. I try to use a mix of day of the week hashtags and those specific to my niche. #MondayMotivation is a great day of the week one that seems to work well if you have content that suits it.

I personally can’t/don’t use hashtags often on Instagram for promoting my content because they seem to really dislike models and lingerie collectors, even when we play by their rules. But if you’re within a niche they don’t have a weird vendetta against hashtags can definitely be useful.

One website I’ve found very useful for hashtags for Twitter and Instagram is RiteTag. You can put in a hashtag and see other related hashtags and then also how popular each on is. It’s free for the basic version and you don’t need to log in.


Awesome! Thanks. I’ll check it out.