Possibility to reserve content to different patrons inside the same post

Hi everyone,
I’d love to have the possibility to publish public posts and inside them block part of the content (like a download link or a video) so that only patrons (or only certain tiers) can see it.
This way I could use Patron as a blogging platform, attract many more people and engage them more easily.

Right now people only visit someone’s page only if they already now the creator, but if one could use Patreon as a way to communicate with everyone? IMHO it would open more possibilities for creators.

What do you think?

Patreon is NOT a blogging platform and it poorly designed in the dashboard to accommodate that. Other than no one can comment on posts unless they have a Patreon account, it’s just not a discovery platform like a blog is.

If you want to post publically but have a patron only link inside, then make the patreon-only post and the public post but the link you share is to the patron-only one. That creates exactly what you want using what is already available.

I understand that, but I still think the possibility to lock parts of post for different patrons/tiers would be a great addon.

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