Post Dashboard page is not updating to the amount of views posts are actually receiving

I’m having trouble again with my stats. I tried looking for the previous thread I’d posted earlier this year but can’t find it… Already emailed the support team but got a reply that they are overloaded with people signing up. I’ve no idea what to do - it’s been 2 weeks the stats don’t work at all.
My site:

Just let me know what to do… thanks!

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Hey @IngridKVHardy, please send me a DM with more info about this so I can help! I’d love to know which stats you mean and if you got a ticket number when you wrote into support. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Mindy, thanks! Sending DM now.

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The Posts Dashboard has stopped working for me, too. There is a clear message on it that it is a feature in beta, so I just assumed it was being worked on. Besides, there’s still Google Analytics.

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Hey folks! Wanted to let you know that we implemented a fix and started the backfill script this morning. I’ll post an update once that script completes! Thank you for your patience while we got to the bottom of it.

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Also noticed my stats stop at last week Friday.

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Stats are still not working… It has been nearly a month now.

Update: sadly the backfill script and cron proved to still be providing inconsistent data. We decided to pursue an alternative path that will take a bit longer to implement but should prove to be more reliable in the long-run. We had to completely re-write the code responsible for ingesting the data that feeds the dashboard. We’re tracking to have this out by the end of week, :crossed_fingers: if everything goes to plan!

Thanks for your continued patience with this matter.