Post Features: Not Accessible After Posting

It would be really great if the advanced post options didn’t disappear if you forget to use them when posting.

For example, I posted an image to my patrons and forgot to use the Early Access feature. I don’t understand why this disappears and why I cannot set it after the fact if I changed my mind or if I simply forgot it. (I’m still getting used to it as I used to manually edit to make things public after a time, which is time consuming when the search functions and tags aren’t the greatest for finding things again, especially if you post frequently. Can’t always keep that many extra tabs open all the time just waiting there for 5 days or deleting and reposting a post in it’s entirety isn’t always feasible by the time you remember.)

Not to mention that some of these features aren’t even available on mobile so i don’t have a consistent creator experience. If i happen to be away from my computer and have to use my phone to post something, i can’t set early access or a bunch of the other features. Which can really hinder progress while mobile.

Similarly, I just forgot to mark a poll as “one selection only”, and found that I can’t go back and set that option once the poll is posted (but before anyone had made any selections).

What’s the intent, that you delete the post/poll and recreate it? That seems cumbersome.

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