Post formatting and customisation improvements

Hello all…

we’ve pretty much moved our own blog ( over to Patreon ( because it’s a bit daft having two places to post about what we do, and of the two of them the Patreon one is obviously the one that is going to actually earn us a few beans.

However… our freedom of expression is severely curtailed on the Patreon side of things.

There’s very little scope for customising our UX - we can’t even select different heading sizes in our posts!! - and we were wondering if there was any chance that some form of skinning might be coming at any time in the future.

Or, at the very least, a way to use different headings in the rich text post editor…


Hi, I’m with you on the formatting request. It’s the one thing that holds me back from really pushing the limits of Patreon. I’ve been exploring a fresh approach of launching a subscription only journal delivered via my website, with full creative control, with new issues promoted and linked to on my Patreon, alongside all the other offerings (rewards) I share with my patrons.

Following the thread.

Even just a few more heading levels would be nice, like… to have any subheadings in my posts actually be smaller than the main heading under the pictures… eeergh, how did anyone let that through testing??


totally agree. Formatting is really poor. Last time the added the possibility to use images in post. HUGE advancement, lmao.

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