Post Thumbnail Gallery

It would but so much easier and quicker for patrons to scroll through posts if they were in a gallery format with thumbnails when searching tags. Right now, it’s a lot of scrolling and if you’re posting over years (and offering art/images the whole time) it would take quite a long time for patrons to find what they were looking for.

If there was a thumbnail gallery with titles that could be grouped by tag, that would be infinitely easier!


Thanks for the suggestion @devenrue! I know our product team are thinking about how we can improve content organization and delivery, so I’ll be sure to pass this onto them as they continue their long term research on this.


Yes, that would be SO helpful! I’d also like to be able to search in my own posts. I often find myself double checking for something I’ve shared with patrons and it can be a lot of time consuming scrolling.

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I agree, it is not friendly to the visitor.