Post-via-Tiers Bug

Hey, trying out post-via-tiers, and I’m finding it advertises the number of Patron-only posts incorrectly.

This is saying there are 6 patron-only posts, but in fact there are just three—although one of them happens to be locked to multiple tiers.

Something is going wrong in the count query, or maybe you’re duplicating multi-tier posts under the hood, I’m not sure.

It would be awkard if someone backed to see these six posts and then found they get only three.

I’m seeing this too and it’s very frustrating because I have certain Archive posts I link in past posts, but now they don’t show up in the browse so new Patrons can’t find them. That’s troubling because those are my highest pledge tiers. I’m not sure what happened and I have hundreds of posts, so finding them is going to be a real challenge.

Hmm, that looks like a definite bug. I’ll see if this is known, and if not we can file this.

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OK, the product team shared “Last week we released a fix that shows the right amount on patron-only posts. It is not yet fixed for posts that are made to specific tiers.” So this is in the backlog, but has been filed. Thanks for the question!

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