Post Your Updates for your Patreon page!

Anyone have any updates on their Patreon pages that they want to share with other Patreon users? Like, is anyone doing monthly rewards, special events or polls for their patrons? Then feel free to list any updates you are making to your Patreon pages so we can check out your pages!

For me, I’m currently doing monthly rewards where I will award any new patrons who pledge between July 1st - July 31st two digital art prints and a bonus digital art print that features a special badge! Check it out if you are interested!

I just released the fifth chapter draft of an urban fantasy I’m writing. I post one new chapter draft a month and patron’s get three-weeks early access before they change over to public. I also have the first chapter draft out for a fairy tale retelling I just started writing which is also patron-only, but, once I have about fifteen chapters written I’ll be publicly sharing the older chapters on Royal Road. You can find all the chapter links on my ‘table of contents’ post.

I’m also thinking about working on some digital paintings to offer as wallpapers to patrons, but it might be a bit yet before they are available.

I only just created my page, so for me everything is a completely fresh update :blush:
Honestly, I am not even sure that my drawings are on a great level, but I do hope that with some exposure I can get some feedback and see where I am standing.

I have just posted up my weekly updates for my Patreon account. I just started being more active on my Patreon account and doing weekly updates is a great way to keep my patrons and non patrons up to date on what I have posted on Patreon. Check it out!

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I do that also :slight_smile: . It helps ensure that I’ll have at least one post a week on my page and lets patrons/followers know what’s going on between art shares as there can be quite a time gap between them.

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I just posted up my Discord link. If you would like to talk with me one on one, then please join my Discord page: