Power Up Your Patreon, 14-Day Challenge

Power Up Your Patreon

August 3rd - 21st, 2020

If you’re looking for a clear direction for “what’s next,” and want to learn and connect with your peers on Patreon, the Power Up Your Patreon 14-Day Challenge course is for you.

It is an understatement to say that things have been changing rapidly across the globe and in the creative community. If you recently launched your Patreon membership, you may be feeling uncertain about how to plan for long-term growth. This fast-paced course will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on your membership and make informed changes to your marketing & benefits. You’ll connect directly with other creators who are in the process with you, and learn simple daily actions you can take to drive major impact.


:100: Expert advice from the Patreon team & creator guests

:play_or_pause_button: Twice weekly livestream sessions to set you up for success & connection with other creators (recordings available if you can’t make it live)

:computer: Access to a private thread in the Patreon Community Forum

:handshake: Discussion groups during the week to get support from your peers and the Patreon team (2 time slots available!)

:memo: Hands-on support, worksheets & templates (expect to invest 3-5 hours/week)

:mortar_board: A collaborative “graduation ceremony,” complete with an awesome Patreon swag bundle

Learn more about the challenge and sign up here.


Hola! Cómo participo en este desafío?

Thank you! Looking forward to it.

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Can’t wait! not sure how to keep the kids busy, but… :slight_smile:

Great session today, Reyna! I wanted to let Laura know this about sharing START TIMES for events. My suggestion is that the clearest way to communicate start times is to go ahead and post the time in your time zone, use PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), and then add (UTC-7) because Pacific Daylight Time is 7 hours behind UTC (which is Coordinated Universal Time…you can learn about it here: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/aboututc.html)

Including (UTC-7) whenever you mention a time that is in PDT will help users around the world quickly translate the PDT start time into their time zone.




Just saw this and signed up! Is it too late to get caught up to speed??

Hello from Iceland :slight_smile:

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YAS! Sign me up.

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Should be fun and informative :sunglasses:

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@RipplesGuy Thanks, but even that can be confusing for those us us who still think in Greenwich Time (or am I the only one that old?!), because that was based in England, which is now on BST (British Summer Time), which is 8 hours ahead of PDT.

@reyna I’m still having trouble with the Patron Poll template on Google Docs.
“just click the three dots on the upper right corner…”
I’m not getting any three dots. I could download the source code and edit that, but how would that make an online poll? I’m lost.
SO much to learn!!

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Three hours later. I’m done bashing my head against this wall for today. If anybody wants to let me know how to get this poll copied, I’ll be very grateful.

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Hi Tania! I have the same issue, but I have some experience with Google Forms so maybe I can help.

It seems like you and I only have access to the final survey version of the form. If you have a google account you can build your own using these questions as guidelines by opening Google Drive and clicking New > More > Google Forms. In my experience Google Forms is pretty easy to use, and you can look up tutorials if you need help getting started.

Thank you Sarah! It looks like that’ll work. And of course THAT has the three dots with the “copy file” option we were supposed to find. Here I go…

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I was super excited to join this, but I’m having even more fun than expected!

I finally found this!

Hi all! I’m so sorry for my delay, I have been keeping tabs on the Power Up Your Patreon private section of the forum and didn’t realize we have attendees reaching out here too!

Hope you were able to sign up in time! If not, we have a recordings of the live session available, and a link with all the downloads. Let me know if you want to try and catch up before Monday’s (8/17) session and I’ll get it all to you!

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Hi everyone!

Apologies missing a few of these comments on this thread - we weren’t expecting much activity here - for future questions if you’re participating in the program, please head over to the dedicated thread just for Power Up!



Tagging @Flobo_Boyce, @Tania, @JangalArts, @michaelharren, @Pall_Jokull @Emprendedoras_al_Rescate !

If you’re having trouble getting access, please email me at creatorsuccess@patreon.com

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Hi @Tania - I am SO sorry you ran into issues copying this and also that Reyna and I missed your comments on the thread. I’ve shifted the sharing settings - it seems like there were issues for folks who weren’t logged into a gmail email account. Again, sorry for the time suck it inadvertently created for you and also that we missed this message.

I’m in! Finally! :smile:

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