Primeleap, An anti-piracy software for Patreon

At the start of this year (Vicar) and I worked on making my site to be able to track people who used to leak my content on some sites. After catching and banning some leakers, my content hasn’t been leaked in months which helped me a lot to increase the monthly income and make more pics.
Now the same software I’ve been using for my site is being used on another site created by Vicar and he offers the same service for any creator insterested in it. If you are interested and have any questions, send him a note or a mail to with the link of your patreon ;3.

The kind of content you can protect right now:
-PNG files
-JPEG files
-GIF files

The site is pretty new and Vicar is currently working on developing more stuff for it. While more creators use the site, the better ;D.

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You know I’d be interested in this without the watermarking stuff as a personal site, I’ve been looking for something that’s just a simple gallery/browser that’d let me distribute my Patreon rewards in a more efficient way than Patreon allows - and most image gallery templates I’ve tried to use always have some major issue.

Well, you can contact the mail I left there, they made this personal site for me to host my patreon rewards on a secure way

Primeleap is slowly growing, now with 7 creators (without including me) protecting their content from leakers and 5600 registered users. Vicar programmed the beta version of comments system! :smiley:

Remember, if you are a creator who wants to protect your content from piracy sites, and organize it in a better way, contact the web dev :slight_smile: .

While more creators and supporters it has, more time he will have to implement new projects like, new protection methods, tagging/searching/blacklisting system, better account managements, and more.