Private Message system

Is there any news on the roadmap to improve the private message system?
At least a search function or a better way to manage conversations with different users.

I often find that I have several different threads with the same patron and the only way to half-search and navigate through them is to go to my email account and look at their answers so I can go back to the message thread and try to find my old messages to them.

But even that is problematic, because the +1yo messages are not achievable through my email notifications because the Patreon system changed and the links don’t work anymore.

So, anything to look forward on this matter?


Hi @tracyscops, thanks for the post. Messaging and notifications are clearly the two biggest pain points right now for creators. We are very aware of this, as our Head of Product reads this forum, and hope to deliver improvements soon. I hesitate to give any sort of time estimate as it can be really hard to predict, but please know that we absolutely understand our messaging system is not serving creators at this time and we want to prioritize is going forward.