Problem with file uploads

I was just going through my old Patreon posts cleaning up my tags and noticed that several of my posts that had had files uploaded to them for patrons failed to actually attach the files. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve had other posts where everything uploaded and attached no problem. There wasn’t any error message telling me that they couldn’t be uploaded and had looked to be attached before I published the posts, but for some reason they never did. Is there a maximum file size for attaching files (the largest file was 173mb)?

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This is shitty! Definitely needs more info and a warning. I don’t tend to attach items because I deliver most of my content via dropbox but I’ve also noticed that some older posts have reduced quality images and some images don’t show up at all anymore.

Hopefully someone can look into this.


I hope so too! So frustrating! These are resource files that I sell normally on Gumroad, but wanted to offer free to patrons and then they didn’t actually attach! I’ve done a quick search and found there is a file size limit for attachement, but these were all well below it. No clue why they didn’t attach and why the posts won’t let me edit them in now.

Hmmm, that is very odd!!

Perhaps a file type that patreon doesn’t like?

They’re a RAR format zip file and I have another post with that zip file format and that one did attach.

I’ve seen it. My patrons are pretty good at notifying me when it happens, and I go in, remove all the attachments and try again. Sometimes it takes multiple tries. This has been going on for years. I stopped reporting it to Patreon because nothing ever happened.

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Thank you! Guess I’ll keep trying then. Ridiculous that Patreon hasn’t done anything about this if it’s been going on for that long.

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It’s super frustrating. I’ve tried multiple times now to edit the posts and the changes I made to the tags saved, but the attachments don’t. It also keeps giving me the ‘are you sure you want to leave this page, blah blah blah’ notice about how changes may not be saved… when what I did was just click ‘save’! :angry:

Ugh, at this point I wonder if I should just make a brand new post uploading them all there.

I assume you’re waiting for the arrows to disappear, right?

I had been trying too, maybe I didn’t wait long enough. I’ll try again.

Thank you! That seems to have been the issue. I thought they’d fully uploaded before, but I guess I didn’t wait quite long enough and missed that the arrow was still on them. Finally got one of them to attach.


Hi @Laura_Hepworth, so glad you were able to find the problem! We’ve heard a lot of feedback lately about content upload statuses being tough to manage. We’re exploring an upload progress feature that can tell creators when their attachments are fully uploaded to avoid this type of confusion in the future! It’s still early in conversations but I’ll share more when there is more! Feedback like this is super helpful to get the ball rolling faster.


I’m very glad to hear that! The arrow showing that the file is still uploading is so small it’s hard to see.

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What is the file size limit? Thanks

Does this help?

The support article I found said files must be 200mb or less. Another article though said image files must be 512mb or less.

Yes, Thank you!