Problems with New Patrons' mailing addresses or lack thereof

Lately I’m having folks sign up for my Patreon at levels where they will receive physical premiums mailed to them – but there’s no shipping address showing in their account info. I don’t know if this is a glitch or just a matter of new Patrons being confused by Patreon’s UI, but it’s only just started to happen a lot after five years on Patreon.

I end up going back and forth with new subscribers trying to fix the issue, but I can’t see what they’re seeing, so I’m groping in the dark trying to help them. Sometimes they end up getting someone who’s more digitally savvy than them to help out on their end. I’ve heard from some of these folks that Patreon has the worst online signup UI they’ve encountered.

Any other Patreon Creators out there who have had this problem and figured out how to direct new subscribers to the correct instructions?

Just putting this out there… hopefully whatever’s going on can be improved.


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There’s a way to mark tiers as requiring addresses when pledging to them. I have no idea what it looks like from the patron’s side, but at least on the creator’s, if you go to the edit tiers page, under the “Advanced” drop down, there’s a check box for addresses.

If you already have that checked then I have no idea and it’s probably Patreon being crap. :upside_down_face:


Thanks, yes – I double-checked that the tier signup page asks for a physical address… it does, but I guess Patreon doesn’t require it to be filled out to complete the signup?

Again, this seems to be something new. The first four and a half years I was on Patreon people didn’t have a problem figuring it out, so I assume something has changed with the UI at the Patron end.


All I know is people can sign up and there’s an alternative option to sharing their address, something along the lines of “I don’t want to receive any physical rewards”.


This ^

People can opt out of giving you their address by opting out of receiving physical rewards.

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I’ve thought about this, but when I check in with them either it was overlooked and they’re having a hard time getting it figured out, or they entered the address and it never took.

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