Problems with Patreon Payouts and PayPal

I received an email from Patreon support telling me to straighten out a problem with PayPal since PayPal refused the Patreon payout this month.

The problem is I’m unable to get in touch with a live person at PayPal. And I’m also not able to get in touch with a live person at Patreon. I don’t have time to surf through your Q & A options and articles.

And it’s the same with PayPal. How do I get in contact with a real human to resolve this issue? I’m done with this high-tech bot support.

Paypal is currently having a small, unrelated, but very apparent bug which is clogging up their support system. That’s likely why you couldn’t get in touch.

I’m not entirely sure if this is a Paypal or Patreon issue, it might be an automatic email. I got the same email and manually pushed the money out and it worked. It took me forever to find where to do it, navigation is not intuitive on Patreon, but here’s the direct link to it:

It’s under “Income” and then “Payout”.

I received the same confusing message.

I manually withdrew the balance using the link Sam kindly posted above and it worked straight away, the money is now in PayPal. If it happens again next month then this is clearly (yet another) Patreon bug.