Problems with patrons pledging and payment issues

We haven’t started promoting our Horizon campaign publicly yet because we’re producing a video first.

That said, I have marketed it privately – and pretty much everyone I’ve asked to support the campaign has asked "how do I do that?"
Is that because they simply aren’t looking at the page, or do a lot of people legitimately not understand how to pledge? Should the button be more obvious?

One friend of mine has twice a few times to pledge with paypal, and said “been trying to signup for Horizon and stuck on Patreon page where I confirm PayPal. I just get a lock symbol with a spinning blue circle forever. This happen before?”

Any help on these issues? If people can’t figure out how to pay, that seems like a pretty major problem that should be addressed.

Hi Drew! Sounds like there’s two issues if I got it right:

  1. Usability of the initial campaign page
  2. Payment reliability/paypal partnership

For #2, I’m going to notify our internal teams for payments and support to make sure they are aware for this - and I would also recommend your friend reach out to support directly to make it easy to troubleshoot directly with them and solve the problem.

For #1 we’ve learned a lot about visitor behavior in recent months through lots of trial and error (in-product experiments) and feel confident that visitors with intent are figuring out how to pledge. We’ve found that wording/color/etc. doesn’t make an enormous difference, and they are pretty robust in their desire to pledge.

That makes me think perhaps there is a bug or an issue we should investigate - or that we are plain wrong - do you think your friends can share screenshots of the page?

Thank you!
Product Manager, Growth

Drew, quick update from our payments team - that description of the spinning blue circle appears to indicate it’s likely on Paypal’s end, as that is their interface for payment processing before being taken back to Patreon. Hope that helps your friend get to the bottom of the issue.

Thanks for following up.


I got several messages from Patrons complaining about non being able to process the pledges throught PayPal.

Is that a know issue? any solution?

Thank you

Hey @nachoortiz!

I think this may have been a bug that has already been fixed. That said, the best way to find out would be to get in touch with our support team, which you can do by submitting a support ticket here.

Here are a few tips related to posting in the community that you might find helpful as well.