Promo Inspo?!

Idea: Would you guys be into sharing some of the copy you’ve been writing/posting throughout the Special Offer campaign? Obviously, with the understanding that none of us will directly copy-and-paste from each other :heart_eyes:

I thought about it after reading @michaelharren’s thread in which a few folks shared their lists of Top 5 Reasons to Become a Patron… I was happy to share mine, and seeing what others posted was really helpful/inspiring.

We’re all generating so much content right now, I thought it might be cool to have a central place to share what we’re writing and to browse for inspiration. Anyone interested? I’ll post a few to show you what I’m thinking…


Here’s what I posted on Facebook for on the Top 5 List day (I also posted a version on Instagram and Twitter):

I’m trying something fun - sending limited edition “Be Nice, Dammit!” lapel pins to everyone who joins my Patreon page at the $5 tier by September 30th!

Get in on it here :point_down::

I made you made a list of 5 (Good!) Reasons to consider joining me on Patreon:

Community - Through the Patreon page, I’ve gotten to know a lot of you much better, and watched you get to know each other! I love it.

Early Access - Patrons get to hear what I’m working on way before the rest of the world! It’s a safe space to try out new ideas.

More Music - I post some songs (originals and covers) on Patreon that I never post anywhere else! I love that I’m able to give these little misfits a forever home on Patreon.

The Inside Scoop - On Patreon, I dive deep into where the songs come from and how they come together.

And More Music - Not only do my Patrons hear songs that I don’t post anywhere else, but my Patrons inspire me to write more, so there’s more of my music in the world PERIOD.

Case in point: in the past year, since starting my Patreon page, I’ve written twice as many songs as I did in the previous three years combined. For real.

So there you have it - 5 good reasons to join me on Patreon today! …and the lapel pins are just a bonus :wink:

Hope you can join us!


Here’s what I wrote in my initial newsletter blast:

Subject: I want to send you a present in the mail!


I have a fun announcement:


I’m printing limited-edition “Be Nice Dammit” enamel pins and sending them in the mail to everyone who supports my Patreon page at the $5 level between now and September 30th!

This is the first time I’ve printed enamel pins and Patreon is the only place they’re available.

Read more about it and learn how you can get one right here . If you’ve been thinking about joining me on Patreon, now is the time!

(In case you’ve never heard of it, Patreon is the website where I release my newest videos, essays, songs and stories to people who sign up to contribute $1 or more for every release. I love having a community there with whom to share my creative process! It’s proved life-changing in every way)

We’re getting very close to our ultimate goal of 300 supporters and your membership will push us towards the finish line!||


I love seeing this stuff!! You are really good with your phrasing of these things! I’ll share my stuff later. Was out of town for the weekend and SO BEHIND!!

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thanks for sharing @rebecca! love your promos, which one or method are you seeing the most engagement or conversion?

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This is so awesome, @rebecca! I love how clear and inviting this is!

it’s so hard to say - there have been a few days where I’ve posted on different platforms throughout the day, just b/c I didn’t have time to do it all at once, and I’d notice little bumps. Like 1-2 new sign ups in the hour after I posted on FB in the morning, and 1-2 shortly after I posted on Twitter in the afternoon (not sure when is the ideal time for which platform, that’s just an example). The message I took from that is that everyone has their own platforms where they hang out and you have to post on all of them to find everyone :slight_smile:

Since I started this thread, thought I’d post a few more things that have worked for me lately. Here’s the copy I used in my newsletter yesterday:


We’re closing in on the final three days of my special offer on Patreon ! I’m making a limited-edition “Be Nice Dammit” enamel pin and sending one in the mail to every single person who joins my Patreon page at the $5 level by September 30th!

This is the first time I’ve printed an enamel pin and the only way to get one is to sign up for the Patreon page! I’m so excited to send these out and to see our spunky little message of love adorning some lapels and denim jackets.

I’m also excited to share that we are within striking distance of my ultimate goal of 300 patrons! Do you think we can get there in the next three days? It would mean signing up 10 new patrons per day, but I think it’s possible!

Click here to learn more about my Patreon song club, where you can hear my newest music, become an integral part of my career and creative process and - if you act fast - get your hands on a limited edition “Be Nice Dammit!” lapel pin ❤


Don’t know if that will be useful or interesting to anyone, but I always enjoy reading other people’s copy so I thought I’d share. Good luck, all!

Here’s my twitter post today: Special Offer: 1 day left: Be remembered with gratitude in my new book! # patreon # specialoffer # gratitude @ San Mateo, California …

Hey everyone! I know the special offers “program” as it has been run is over, but I decided to hold off and launch my own promotion in October. For a bunch of reasons, I also decided that I wanted to offer gifts at three different tiers.

Here’s the image I used in my newsletter today:

Thought I’d share in case anyone else is running a promotion this month! I’ve been busier than I expected, so I still have so much work to do in promoting it, but I am taking it one step at a time.

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