Promote 3 creators you love per week and gain good karma (and promotion for yourself) =D

I’m still promoting one per week as I have limited time and don’t want to be promoting others more than I can produce my own work. :slight_smile: Just shared Nymla this week. The only thing difficult about promoting other creators is that it’s hard to find people who are consistently updating. I don’t think it does us any good to promote a Patreon that appears abandoned and some people put EVERYTHING behind a paywall so you really can’t get much of an idea of their work to share them. I follow over 50 creators and it’s always the same 5-10 that show up in my home feed regularly. They are also the ones with high numbers of patrons so I think there is something to learn there.


My favorite creators:

  1. Vicky Violet - An underrated artist friend of mine. She’s super awesome and has lots of talent. Posts frequently too. :smiley:
  2. Kienan Lafferty - Why does he have only 155 patrons?? He creates best art videos in the entire web, has cheerful personality and unique approach to drawing. O_O
  3. Goro Fujita - Obviously :3

I promoted Nate Maingard on my FB page this week. I also became a patron because he is runnin’ a fantastic campaign until the 25th of this month where for every $10 he raises they are planting a tree. Talk about good karma! I found it really inspiring and decided to do something similar (giving a $5 Subway gift card to someone deserving or in need for every new patron through the end of January). <3


What an awesome idea, @Lochy! Glad to hear that Nate’s work inspired your own do-good campaign . :slight_smile:


It was actually what I gave instead of gifts last year for family and friends. His work inspired me to do it for patrons as well this year. :slight_smile:

My suggestions:

K Lynn Smith does comics, and she posts a lot of stuff to her Patreon feed so you always have things to look at. <3

Lyn Thorne-Alder does writing snippets and is also super-posty, and she polls people regularly to see what she should write next which is exciting. :slight_smile:

Sarah Benalene sells essential oil blends, candles, and perfumes on hers, and talks about blending on her feed!

I support… checks 18 people, and I’m surprised at how quiet my feed is. A lot of creators post their work off Patreon, so I don’t realize when they’re doing new stuff. I picked these three because they either cross-post or post exclusively on Patreon, so when I open the app I always see them and am like ‘YAY’. :smiley:


I think this is a wonderful idea - sometimes i want to post something on my facebook/twitter or whereever and have nothing to post, promoting other creators really is a win/win promotion for them and content for me!

I guess it’s just the 20/80 rule of social media where 20% is self promotion and the other 80% is posting about industry related things.


This is such a good idea! I don’t think I have a big enough following to promo people though >.>

Although I do find sharing facebook posts of other people helps the most to increase traffic and interaction on facebook pages, and hopefully that has a flow on effect to patreon. I’m pretty sure it does, actually, because I know me and another creator have the same patron.

Anyway I’m going to promo some people here:

Sian Brigid is an amazing art nude model and poet, and I love seeing all her creative ideas, and I’m hoping to collab with her soon!! She’ll also upload stuff for non-patrons so I also recommend just straight up following her.

Cam Damage
has SO MUCH CONTENT and is a super gorgeous bean. I’m only pledging $1 and it’s near-daily updates with photos and blog posts, plus a dropbox archive of a range of things.

Atrocity Land
is an artist who has really cool ‘wrong neko’ designs, they don’t update non-Patrons that much, but they have heaps of other art projects and whatnot that’s cool to check out


I really dig the idea too and will implement it this month. I’ve noticed that a lot of the greater success stories have several hundred giving only $1 and even this might be a way to push not only Patreon, but grow our numbers, not just our revenues.

Bigger numbers to me = bigger fan/support base.

Thanks Diogo


This is fantastic - do you have examples of this being done? I would love to join in, and support creators that I connect with.

I love the dropbox archive idea :blush:

I haven’t kept up with it this month because things have been hectic but I plan to schedule a handful of posts on both youtube and Patreon to support and show mad love for those like us.

As to the $1 creator, any of the writers you search here (except me, apparently I’m only worthy of big donations lo!) have a massive number of people throwing down $1. You know what they say, small things turn into big.


I started doing an “Artist Feature Friday” on my Twitter a few months ago. :grinning: (I’m not sure why twitter isn’t showing all of them in that search but it’s got a good selection!) I will start updating here with them each Friday as well! :smiley:

Here are a couple i’ve promoted so far:

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Since it is now Friday, here is my newest Artist Feature Friday!

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This weeks artist feature Friday is

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OK this is my TOP 3 Creators

1Sad Panda Studios ( Crush Crush Game ): her game have many cute character people will enjoy the game and fall in love with the characters in game many event and system
2 Kuvshinov Ilya: I enjoy her art work,she give me the Inspiration for drawing 
3 WLOP i like his comic and all his art work : 

For my project i’m just start this year it’s a 3d RPG Life Farming simulation game name
" Memory Trees : forget-me-not "

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Nice idea. Patreon has changed my life for the better, but I wish they did a lot more to promote artists and creators.

Frostmare is my #1, we watch his videos almost every night. He really needs support.

And two other fabulous artists:

Are my top 3. My endeavor on Patron is creating a virtual modelling agency/universe where people can interact participate in a sort of RP experience with the characters that exist there.

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I totally forgot to post this weeks Artist Feature Friday here. This weeks feature was

My new artist spotlight for this month is Samantha Jean:

In addition to getting the monthly feature, artists also get added to my Recurpost collection of all artists which puts them on an endless cycle to pop up on my weekly Spotlight Sunday on Facebook and Twitter. I currently have 25 artworks by 9 different artists in the queue.

I also randomly Facebook share posts by creators I follow if I find they have content that might be of interest. Yesterday I shared a podcast by Nate Maingard that I felt resonated with me and what some of my friends are going through right now.

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I agree. It would be really amazing if Patreon had a featured section/monthly blog post to feature “up and coming” or “unknown creators” or some such thing. It’s cool to see the big names but that’s really not promoting growth for those that aren’t already making thousands of dollars. Many creators make minuscule amounts but have really amazing work that deserve to shine too! :smiley: @ellie

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