Promoting fellow creator's pages - a good idea?

We general discuss ideas to promote our own Patreon pages but what do you feel about this?

Would this be beneficial or distracting to our own projects?

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Not only is it a good idea, it’s great content!

Here’s what I mean. I found one thing to be unquestionably true for me: The more content I post, the more pledges I get.

So, every once in a while, I search Patreon for people who are doing something similar to what I’m doing.

Then I approach the person about a content trade. I’ll post something of theirs exclusively to my patrons. (Something they’ve already offered to their patrons.) And they can post something from my Patreon archive for their patrons.

It’s a win-win.

We both get content that we think our patrons will enjoy. We both get an opportunity to expose our work to the people pledging to the other person.

I know the fear. “They’ll like the other person better, and ditch me in favor of **them**.”

I can tell you from experience, I get a lot of new pledges who are continuing their pledge to the other person. (I know, because I always click that button to see who else they’re supporting.) For me, it has been a “rising tide lifts all boats” situation.


I’ll agree with @bradguigar on this one. Not only does a rising tide raise all boats, but what goes around comes around.

First, the different kind of content creation on Patreon is amazing. Even creators who do the same kind of content do it very differently. If someone is a fan of a particular kind of art, they will promote more than one artist. (How many people think that anybody listens to just a single recording artist, for example?

Second, by promoting each other, we benefit from the shared vastness of our combined social media reach. Our potential audience becomes much larger, casting a wider net for everyone.

Lastly, I am looking around at other creators imagining how we can combine or swap our talents to improve our offering to our patrons. This really is a community – or even an ecosystem, where we can cooperate and create synthesis.

Scarcity and abundance are just mindsets — if you believe that there isn’t enough to go around out there for everybody, it becomes the truth in your mind. But if you believe that there is plenty for everybody, that becomes the truth as well, and it is a much more rewarding truth!


Yes, @bradguigar, those are great ideas. But I was thinking about when one promotes Patreon (and what it is) outside Patreon community. Like @arthurbreur said:

by promoting each other, we benefit from the shared vastness of our combined social media reach. Our potential audience becomes much larger, casting a wider net for everyone.

We talk a lot about the Feature section and the fact that that doesn’t work so well. Maybe we are missing an opportunity to feature ourselves multiple times, with the promotion every creator could make. :wink:

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I think it is extremely beneficial. Patreon is a difficult concept to get across to non-creative types and when they see it’s not just you holdin’ out your hand askin’ for money, but a vast number of people with diverse skillsets to offer it validates it. Creators GET Patreon. There is a huge population out there that just doesn’t get it. When they are exposed to other hard-working content creators it starts to sink in. I regularly share friends’ Patreons when they first start out or are close to a milestone or are doin’ some kind of promotion. I sometimes share random creators that I follow that may be doing similar work to mine or sometimes it will be someone doin’ something completely different, but I just find it of particular interest.

I have a group of friends who are also on Patreon and I’ve suggested we get together and do a livestream of all of us working to utilize our combined social media reach, but I haven’t seen much interest in it so far. I’m not sure why, maybe it has to do with what @bradguigar said, they are afraid they will lose patrons? I’m really not sure. I think it would help all of us as we get together to do art monthly anyway. It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Within my Patreon I do a monthly artist spotlight where I feature artists I’ve gotten commissions from in the past and I link their Patreon if they have one. I actually have a milestone goal coming up that is dedicated to giving back to the Patreon community to continue my artist spotlight. I will make a one time monthly pledge to an artist to get an artwork of the characters I’ve developed for my graphic novel. They get paid for their work and get a link on my Patreon (exposure to people who are already patrons) and sharing across my social media; my patrons get a bonus artwork of characters in which they have already invested in a different style; I get the artwork, it always inspires me to see other people’s interpretations of my characters and hopefully a link on their Patreon when they post the work as well. It is an all around win. I am considering expanding this to musicians and possibly writers as well, to get some little musical theme for a character or have a drabble written.

I definitely believe that cross-promoting and collaborating are great ways to extend our reach.


@Lochy, your 1st paragraph it’s so well explained and clear- I’ve couldn’t say it better!

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That artist spotlight milestone idea sounds like so much fun! :heart_eyes:


I :hearts: LOVE :hearts: commissioning artists. I have so much commissioned artwork from the past I could have an artist spotlight every month for 3 years before I hit that milestone. All the same, I cannot wait for that one. I have been following as many artists and musicians as I can find that offer a commission reward tier. I am so lookin’ forward to sharin’ the love, money, and art!


Oh, great! A true patron! But how does musical commissions work? Can you give an example? Like a personalized song?

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I follow a few musicians/composers who will compose a short theme song in their reward tiers.

Megan Slankard - personalized silly mini song at the $20 reward tier
Joshua Saunders - personal music box song at the $50 reward tier
Arther Breur - creating a 1-2 minute piano piece at the $15 level

I have some more I follow that do as well, but they haven’t updated their Patreons in forever so I think they’re abandoned. :cry:

If anyone knows of or is a musician that has similar rewards, please share! I will follow you and possibly pledge in the future. :heart_eyes: :moneybag:

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Ok, these are cool rewards!

Well, I have a 25$ tier where i can create “your own personalized sound drama”, a collage based on simple email exchange or chat beforehand, so i get personal choices and pointers…

Would that count?

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That sounds very interesting! Definitely following so I can hear more and present you as one of the options when I hit my Patron of the Arts goal. I’ll be lettin’ my patrons choose which artists we’ll be collectively pledging. I’m hoping the option to poll patrons will be available by then. :relaxed:

Also, I especially love the first 30 seconds of your Patreon video with the diverse sounds. Is that an example of what you’re talking about?

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Awesome. Glad you’re finding it interesting.

Well, not really, first 30 seconds and a quick collage of various stuff that I do. I imagined to do those sonic stories longer… but I guess I will try to be inspired by the person/patron her/him-self and that will set the length, style, tone, mood too…

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thanks for the great idea @bradguigar and yes, the goodness goes both ways! :slight_smile:

@Lochy, looking forward to that option to poll patrons too! :slight_smile:

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I have figured out how to regularly incorporate promoting others I have bought art from in the past. In addition to adding a new artwork someone else did of my characters once a month, I have begun using Recurpost, which recycles posts back onto your Facebook and Twitter. On Sundays it will randomly choose a featured artist from past Patreon posts and re-post it to my Facebook page. As I add new commissioned artworks, those will be added to the library and recycled as well.

It’s also worth noting that the more you publicize how many people are on Patreon, the more confidence people have in the site as a whole. You’ve probably noticed this yourself: social networks with no people on them do not inspire people to sign up, because what is there to do there? You login and there’s all of six people? Yay?

But if lots and lots of people are using a site, and doing interesting things with it, then it attracts more people, which makes it more active, etc. :slight_smile:

I made one of my milestone goals ‘make enough to support at least 15 other people on Patreon.’ But I haven’t talked about the people I tapped yet! I should do that, it sounds like fun content!


I have most certainly noticed that many of my patrons have become patrons of various of my friends, through my enthusiasm about them as artists (not necessarily promoting their patreon pages specifically, just talking about them cos I love them so much, hah).

Great stuff here, folks, some epic ideas I will look into using to continue serving the community of Patreon and my tribe.


I love the idea of doing a little illustration to accompany a silly song by someone else.