Promotional Links to Join Patreon

It would be great if we could share a promo Patreon re-join link so former Patrons can join the same tier at 50% for example or something

I want to reach out former Patrons and offer them something so they get motivated, I could temporally create a low tier with same rewards but I risk losing current Patrons moving to that lower tier and possibly having a negative impact on my fan community.

A lot of creators have thousands of former Patrons, it would be great to get a big percentage of them back even at a discounted price and considering that Patrons on a discontinued tier tend to stay longer as they realize they would not be able to join back at that low cost.


This is a great idea, and I hope Patreon gives this a look. Giving Patreon owners the ability to give past Patrons an easy in can be a fantastic opportunity to drive revenue in to our projects.


We hear you, @znelarts. Gifting is a hot topic we get asked about often, I’ll definitely take this back to the team. Thanks for sharing your feedback :slight_smile:


I don’t think that rewarding people for halting their patronage is a great idea. With this kind of thing, they’ll be rewarded for leaving for a week mid-month.

You are not rewarding them for halting, you can give this promotional link to anybody for any campaign, not only former Patrons.
Lets say you have an event and want to invite people for a discount, you can share this link with them and they will join at a discounted price.

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But if someone can use this link (let’s say… it is good for 30 days), then they can get the discount by cancelling their patronage and then restarting it.

I lived in an apartment complex that did this. They had a “signing bonus” that reduced your rent for the first year by $400 per month. And the agents allowed you to apply this to any “new” lease.

What this meant was that everyone in the complex changed apartments every year in order to keep the bonus.

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That’s a great idea.

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