Public Posts, Patreon Attached Files

I have a simple idea that could help in reduce the need for duplicate posts. The ability to have a post publicly visible, but to have attached files only available to certain patron tiers. I realized the use for this recently when I was making a post and realized I couldn’t have it set to public like I had planned to because I had attached content for my patrons.

It’d be nice if as well you could have each file on their own tier so that you could include different version for each tier should that work with how you send out files.


This would be great if creators made a thumbnail or cropped image and post to be public so non-patrons could get a sample of what the patrons are getting in the patron only attachments. I can see how this would be very effective.


This seems like a neat feature I could get behind, but I also do find the current system useful since it ‘teases’ non-patrons with blurred out posts that they can’t see. I feel like those hidden posts help encourage non-patrons to join up if they’re debating whether to join or not.

I would love it if you could have a video showing to anyone, but the attachment file being only for the tier level - if that makes sense?

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I was just about to suggest this myself.

The ability to limit attachments of a post via tier would be INSANELY useful. It could be done via a simple dropdown list. And this would be independent of the post’s rating itself.

This would also be a great way to advertise a patreon’s content more.

Some examples: say you offer a download of your videos when you make them to patrons. You can make the video post public, but limit the video download to just the appropriate tier. Or if you’re an artist and you have source files as a reward option, you could include that with the original art post itself: normal tier patrons can see just the picture downloads, while the source file tier also can see the source file.

Another example, if you’re a NSFW artist, Patreon requires your posts to be limited to patrons only, to prevent non-patrons from downloading adult art. This would be a good workaround, where you could make censored or cropped images for the post itself, and make that public so non-patrons know what’s offered as a bit of a teaser, and then they can get the downloads to the uncensored images by pledging.

By default attachments could just use the tier of the post itself, so if you wanted the current functionality it’d still be preserved and would be just as fast to set up, and it would be backwards compatible with the current system.

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I have to say, I support this notion. I realize that it would likely be quite a bit of refactoring in the way that Patreon’s permissions are laid out, but… I know that I, myself, use on average 3-4 posts per piece of content, with different rewards attached to each. Being able to consolidate these posts, and to tease those at lower levels into upgrading to get to higher tier content, could be extremely valuable. I believe that one of the problems I face as a creator is needing to remind patrons at lower levels all the things they’re missing.

Another example that is somewhat related: It would be wonderful to be able to create a poll that all patrons could see, but only specific tiers could vote on.