Question about Benefits Tracker "remove" link

I feel confused about how the Benefits Tracker is supposed to work. As requested by Patreon, I added every single benefit for the sales tax thing. Now when I go to my Benefits Tracker, every single benefit is being tracked. A lot of these are neither monthly nor one time, so it’s really confusing. I’ve been just keeping track on my own for things that fall every so often.

It does give an option to “remove”, but does that remove the tracking or the benefit? I’ve hesitated about removing anything until I can get an answer to this.


I agree, the benefits tracker needs a toggle for non-regular benefits that I don’t need to track.

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It removes the tracking (or, it did for me :slight_smile: ) The option was added specifically in response to folks being frustrated that now benefits like “general support” that had to be added for tax settings were showing up in the benefit tracker. The benefit remains under “tiers” in the “edit page” section, but it’s moved to a “Benefits not tracked” category in the benefits manager.

Curious, but where do you see this option? None of the benefit related pages or editing can I find a way to stop tracking. I only see the option for a “done once” and “monthly” tracking options.

When I click on the benefit name (from within the tracker), there’s an option to “remove” it:
Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 2.47.20 PM

So it removes the tracking but not the assignment for tax purposes? I’m afraid that if I click remove then I’ll have to do the tax assignment all over again.

It just removes it from being a tracked benefit, if you are looking at the benefits page. It does not remove it from your tiers or ruins any sales tax related things (you can only remove them from tiers in the tier settings.) It just makes it not pop up that you have to fulfill it every pay period.

(My complaint was just that the “remove” button is not clear about what it’s actually removing. Looks like I’m not the only one who has this issue. They really need to rename it “remove tracking” or something.)


Oh, thank you for this! I was annoyed at the benefits showing up that didn’t need to be tracked, and didn’t even realize there was a way to remove them from the benefits list!