Question about comments

If patrons comment on a post, and then we post a comment ourselves on the post, do all the patrons who commented get a notification of our comment? We put up a post that has gotten many comments, and we wanted to address some of the points that several patrons raised. But I fear that if we just add a comment to the post, many of them won’t see it. We could put up a whole new post to address these points, but that might seem a little weird.


You could always edit the post and when you go to save it, just tag the “notify patrons” box?


Thanks. That’s a possibility I hadn’t thought of.

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I wanted to double check this for you, @FutilityCloset! I can confirm that if patrons comment on a post and the creator comments in the thread, no, all patrons will not get a notification about it. Patrons will only get a notification if the creator responds directly to a comment.

Thanks, Mindy; that’s helpful to know. So it seems that if we do want all the patrons who commented on a post to see what we have to say, then we need to either amend the original post (which would be awkward in some cases), or put up a new post (which is what we ended up doing in this case). It is kind of hard to be interactive with the limitations of the Patreon comment system, but I’m glad to have the correct information.


I’d love to know what would the ideal situation be here? You having some sort of check box to decide whether all patrons get notified or just the patron you’re responding to?

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In this case, we didn’t want to respond to just one patron; we wanted to respond in a general way to all the patrons who had commented on the post. So like NextDoor, for example, if you reply to a post, then if anyone else also replies, you receive a notification. This way everyone can know when there are new replies on a post that they’ve engaged with. This kind of thing would help us if we want all the people who’ve commented to know that we’ve responded in a general way to all the comments. I like the check box idea, though. I hadn’t thought of that. :slightly_smiling_face:


For some reason, email responses to threads still aren’t going through. Really odd.

Something like how twitter auto responds to all but you have the option to de-select others is helpful imo.