Question about Kit acquisition (related to selling merchandise)

Hey everyone -

I read about the Kit acquisition and the intention of making it easier for us to sell merchandise. I’m not a Kit user, so I’m wondering if anyone can shed some light on how they think this will work?

I ask because I’m working on my own merchandise strategy this summer and would like to consider how this may affect the decisions I make.

It would be great to learn more about what you’d like to do with merch. Can you share if this is something you’d like to do for your patrons, or is this a separate initiative?

Hey Carla - I’d like to send patrons at specific levels Above the Bottom Line swag like mugs, water bottles, sweatshirt, etc. without having to handle the printing or shipping myself. I’m currently researching options to have print-on-demand and fulfillment being done on my behalf, especially since I (1) don’t have that many patrons yet, (2) don’t want to order in bulk and (3) have a full-time job outside of ABL and would prefer not to spend my time shipping items to patrons.

I’ve been exploring how to use Shopify for this and am just trying to understand what all my options are before making a decision! That naturally made me curious about what Patreon has in mind when you say Kit will be a tool for creators to sell merchandise.

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Ah! Please check out the 📦 Looking for participants in our Merchandise pilot program! thread - Adam talks a little bit more about what we’re exploring here at Patreon. We know merch is hugely important.

I don’t have specific timelines right now but I’ve got the merch team watching this thread :slight_smile:

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Okay. I’ve been following that thread, but I’ll wait for news on how Kit is going to facilitate that. That’s what I’m unclear about.

I am recruiting for participants to chat with me about merchandise! Interested? Reply and we’ll figure out a time. Patreon incentivizes for participation :moneybag: Thanks!

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I completely missed this! Let me know if you’re still looking for folks to talk to!

thank you so much @Nikita for offering! I’ll check in with the team to see if they’re still looking for participants.

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