Question about Patrons receiving merch

I am at the point where my patrons will be receiving their first piece of merch after 3 months of patronage. However, 90% of my patrons are not putting their shipping address when they sign up. Will this cause any undesirable issues when it comes to them receiving their merchandise? Should I have them update their information or do they get a form to fill out when it is time to ship their item?

Thank you.

If you havent checked off in the tier settings to require thier mailing address then yes you make have issues. Things cannot get mailed without mailing addresses.

If you do have mailing addresses required on all the merch tiers, than those folks have likely selected to not receive physical/mailed rewards (though it should also say in their profile in the relationship manager they’ve opted out, specifically. If it says nothing and you required it, there might be a glitch you should send in a support ticket for.)

Either way I would message everyone and remind them to double check their info in their pledge management page (not their account settings) and ensure the addresses are up to date. Never hurts to do this since some people move and dont update.

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Thank you so much. This answered all questions. :slight_smile: