Question about the new relationship manager

In the Relationship Manager, how do you choose several patrons to send messages to? In the old Patron Manager, I can check boxes next to the patrons I want to message. But, for example, if I want to message just the patrons whose payments have recently declined (not all the declined patrons, just the ones who started being declined this month) how do I do that?


this article should help @FutilityCloset!

Thanks, Mindy! So apparently you just can’t choose a group of patrons to message, like in my example, the ones who just recently became declined patrons. We message the newly declined patrons every month, and need to be able to message just that group. Seems like we can’t do that with the Patron Relationship Manager. :frowning:

Hopefully the old Patron Manager will stay available so I can use it to accomplish this!!

Ahh yes, I see what you mean — you can only message all patrons within a parameter (like declined, or former, or even declined within a certain tier level) but not within a timed parameter. So yes, it appears that unfortunately PRM does not offer the functionality you are used to.

Thank you — this is great feedback for our Creator Experience team and I will absolutely pass on the need to bulk message a targeted group, like declined this month.

Thank you!!

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not exactly related, but would you mind sharing the message that you send to your declined patrons? I am still trying to tweak my messaging with this and I would love to see what you say!

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We keep changing the wording ourselves, trying to figure out the best way to say things. We start by thanking the person for their support, and then say that Patreon is saying that they are unable to process their pledge. We give them the links to where they can review their payment settings, and the Patreon help page for declined payments, then explain that we unfortunately can’t help with specific payment issues, so if they are still having problems they can write to Patreon for help, and we give the link to that. (We’ve started including that last part because people were asking us for specific help in resolving their issues.)

If anyone does figure out some brilliant way to induce declined patrons to fix their payment issues, please do let the rest of us know! Right now I’d say about 10-20% of the patrons we write to end up fixing the problems.

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The declined patron thing is the hardest thing to navigate for me gracefully, glad to see I am not alone in trying to figure out how to best write these messages. Most folks never fix the problem, it seems! Thanks for your pov on this!

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