Questions about Patreon Lite

I’ve been a Patreon creator for a little while, but I have a new project that is interested in launching on Patreon Lite, and I have some pressing questions about how the new tier works!

  1. My impression is that we get to have one membership tier set up at an amount we specify (in our case, $25). If people want to pledge more, would they be able to do so (and still get the perks of the One Membership Tier), and if people want to pledge less and not get those perks (but still contribute to our project!) would they be able to do so?

  2. Down the line, would it be possible to change the price of our one tier, and if we do so, what would happen to existing patrons on that tier?

  3. Does anyone have an example of a live Lite page that I could look at?

Thanks in advance, Product team folks!

Ugh; is there no way to change the suggested membership amount from $5?

Hey @myrrh, happy to help shed some clarity on this!

In Lite, the creator cannot pick a price point. There is only a “Become a Patron” button, and no tiers. The default price point is $5, and the patron can change that to be anything above $1. So in Lite there is no one tier, it’s no tiers and patrons can give any price they want.

Here’s one example of what that looks like:

Can you share more about what you were hoping to achieve from Lite? That way I can pass it onto the product team to help them understand. Thank you so much!

Hm, what we’re hoping to do is build a sustaining membership base at a $25 or more price point. Actually taking smaller pledges wouldn’t be a problem, but in order to use Lite for this it looks like we’d need the option to 1) set the “suggested” starting point at a higher amount than $5 (and maybe have some different language in there?) and 2) be able to easily export a list (CSV?) each month of patrons pledging that amount or greater.

This would also mean we’d have to use a 3rd party option for contacting/rewarding our backers, since Patreon posts would presumably be open to all patrons not just above our price point- but that’d be workable if we could do 1&2 above.

@myrrh we currently do not have the functionality to change the suggested pledge amount in Lite, but that’s something we’d like make available in the future.

Yes, you can do that :slight_smile: Go patron relationship manager > filter by pledge $ > download CSV. Here’s what that looks like:

What 3rd party option are you considering or thinking about?

Aw. Without being able to change the base suggested pledge amount, I don’t think Lite will work for us, sadly.

The venue I run is looking at options for longer term sustainability, and one of the things that the really money-smart people helping us came up with is a sustaining membership (with a lot of really cool perks) - but the price point we think will work for our market is around $25/mo, and the difference between 5%+CC and 8%+CC is literally right around where our make-or-break calculations fall right now, between price point and our actual reach.

So we might be able to switch to Patreon Pro down the line but I don’t have enough confidence that launching on Lite as it exists right now will work for us in the time frame that we need.

I really love & trust Patreon, so, heh, I’ve been reluctant to look into other options, because, honestly, I assumed from the plan descriptions that Lite was gonna work for our needs. :confused: I’ll be keeping an eye on the features though, in hopes that down the line it’s something we’ll be able to transition users to.