QuinnArt has passed away - We lost a goddess today

QuinnArt has been one of the most prolific artists out there for years, while having 4 open heart surgeries and later last gear cancer. Today it was known that is no longer part of the community. RIP Quinn
You can read her last post 5 days ago. https://www.instagram.com/Qinniart/

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Hey guys, long time no update here. Not feeling the best today, but at least last round of chemo went better than my first round so I will take it. I feel so tired and weak but I’ve never had such strong urge to keep drawing, so I might have pushed my body a little too far yesterday…
I’ve made a list of all these old artwork I want to redo for an artbook so I’m slowly working through that. Thanks for sticking around, I know I don’t update nearly as much here…do you guys wanna see me take screenshots of my twitter updates and throw them up on my story? I don’t know how many of you guys follow me on twitter or even use it haha. I just wanna keep this a clean gallery-like place where I talk about my health stuff in the comments xD~ Lemme know in the comments?

Not sure how much I’m making sense now, my chemo brain is still pretty bad haha, but yeah, thank you guys for all the support, seriously <3~


does patreon has a post Mort state ? She deserve commemoration .

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This would be the third account I’m personally aware of that was started by someone before they died and is still running without anyone at the wheel. There may be others.

Agree, I think patreon should make an statement not just about Quinni but also about what happens on this scenarios

Mashable here

Deviantart also did an stamens

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This makes me curious too, what happens to a Patreon page when its creator passes away?

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I would give the family some time to work through her passing and get her stuff in order. She literally passed yesterday. I’ve seen families of deceased creators create a final anthology of works for fans and give such a thing to patrons before closing
down accounts. Who knows what her wishes were. She had big plans to create an art book so who knows.

As for Qinni, she was a big inspiration of mine and I’m so sad to see her pass. She was one of the artists that inspired me to pick up watercolours. May she rest in peace.


We were so sad to hear about the passing of Qinni yesterday. Many of us at Patreon are huge fans of her beautiful work and she will be greatly missed. I’m sure she inspired countless artists to pick up a brush and develop their own style, and even more enjoyed her work across the internet. Looking through the #galaxiesforqinni on Twitter, you can feel the impact she had, and know that she won’t be forgotten. Our deepest condolences go out to her family, friends, and entire community.

When a creator passes who has a Patreon page, we look to hear officially from a member of their family before we do anything to the account. We don’t currently have the ability to turn a page into a memorial like Facebook does, but we’re preparing more guidance for what patrons should do in such a sad situation which we will share soon.