Re-Request: Let Creators Choose Which Three Tiers Appear On Landing Pages

Okay then, here goes.

This regards the creator landing pages. I get that Patreon has found three tiers to be the sweet spot. I imagine that is why they have arranged landing pages with only three tiers easily visible.

But I’ve read creator’s complaints that their “more profitable” tiers aren’t being shown to potential subscribers who don’t press the “See all X levels” button. Also, some creators have “dead tiers” that they don’t want to display at all because they’ve closed them to new subscribers.

Why not set it up so that creators can choose for themselves which three tiers get the love on the landing page, instead of just showing their lowest three by default?

Please let us decide which three of our tiers appear on the landing page, don’t show unpublished tiers there, and trust creators to figure out which ones work best for their prospective audience.


Love this idea! Right now I have four core tiers, and because of the automatic display of the first three, my single tier that includes mailed, physical rewards isn’t shown. I’d love to display my lowest tier, one of my two middle digital tiers, and the physical rewards tier so that people easily see a good array of options with varied rewards.