Reach Goal=Bonus Benefit for Eligible Patrons?

Hey there,
Has anyone experimented with everyone involved in a Special Offer getting a bonus benefit if a certain target is met–be it overall patron number, total income, or, say, number of folks eligible for special offer–that everyone involved in the special offer gets an additional benefit?

I’m in the final day of my first special offer and have had 27 people join at or move up to the eligible level. I was thinking of issuing a challenge that if we hit 50 such patrons, every eligible patron gets two pins rather than one. It’d cost a bit more, but could be a nice motivation for current patrons to spread the word, would be a nice benefit for them, and not be a big increase in cost.



After getting 6 more eligible patrons before the original deadline last night, I went ahead and launched the bonus offer for one day only. In three hours, we’ve gained 7 newly eligible patrons… with ten to go today. Here’s hoping!


Not sure if anyone is reading this, but…

WOW! In all honesty, I had no plans to extend the special offer by a day and add a “bonus” if we hit a reach goal, but, dang, it was a success! We had 23 eligible pledges in one day, after 27 in the previous two weeks. I don’t know if I’d ever “manufacture” one of these extra day/reach goal/bonus premium situations in the future (others maybe bolder than me!), but I’d certainly do one again if it came naturally.

Sure, it’ll cost ~$250 for around 250 extra pins, but it’ll add very little in terms of time and shipping overhead. Sure, some of these folks will leave or decrease their pledges in short order, but (1) I think it’ll turn out to be a net positive financially (possibly a big positive) and (2) we’ll make a lot of patrons–new and existing–really happy with a couple pieces of cool kit.


We are here! Loving these updates, thank you so much for sharing. It is SO AWESOME to hear that it was a success and that you’re happy with the outcome. Is this something you could see doing 3-4 times a year? I love hearing how much pins can motivate fans :slight_smile:

Hi, Bryon! First of all, CONGRATS!! It is so exciting to read about the success of your Special Offer and the extended “bonus” to help you reach the goal of 50 new patrons. You’re actually the first creator I’ve come across to have done such a unique promotional strategy, and it sounds like it went really well. Any time you’re promoting something, or trying to encourage your community to take an action, these sorts of goal-oriented campaigns really work. Tying to a milestone goal can unite your followers to rally behind the bigger vision. Thank you for sharing your progress and success with the community, it is very helpful for others to hear about. Great job!


I could definitely see doing this at least twice a year, once in the autumn and once in the spring.

This would be balanced by what we’ve already started to establish as semi-annual fund drives, which will prominently feature Patreon going forward, but also include the option for one-time donations (would love this as an new feature on Patreon) and merchandise sales, in early summer and over the holidays.

I think that special offers would work GREAT in our semi-annual pledge drives, but the logistics of sending items out to new and existing patrons (especially if we push at the lower dollar tiers) makes me shudder. I suppose I need to see if I can find any high number patrons who either ship goods (and try and figure out their logistics) or try to find some sort of virtual reward. I could imagine a fun winter-themed patron-exclusive sticker in December, but shudder to think about the time (and cost) in sending that to ~1,000 patrons, many of who are overseas.



Thanks, CassidyC. It’s funny as I’m kind of the anti-marketer… so I’m not sure how I came up with this, but it sure worked! It was kind of fun for the goal to really be focused around the patrons themselves, rather than some discrete creator goal (i.e., us hitting 1,000 patrons or $X,XXX per month). Not only were the patrons helping us, they were helping themselves and each other. :slight_smile:


You definitely want to ensure that the effort + price does not cost more than the money you made from the pledge, as your time has a $ point to it too. Sending 1k stickers by hand could be truly terrible! Here are some ideas…

  1. For international patrons, it may be something you state upfront that they would get a digital package due to expensive shipping. We’ve seen that usually as long as creators are transparent, patrons are supportive.
  2. You could film a private video that gets sent out, even something funny like a novelty holiday song!
  3. They could get access to your Gift List that has ideas for the runner in your life
  4. This might be a good place to plug a digital AMA that only people who signed up in that time would have access to

@CassidyC might have some good ideas here too for scaling up rewards.