Read/Unread, Favorite Posts

Recently I asked my Patreons how I could improve the available content on my site so that it makes more sense to them.

One of the answer I received in our Discord server, and which several other found helpful, was if there was some sort of function that shows which posts have been read and not.

So for instance, if a new subscriber enters the profile, they could have some sort of Unread tab. Then perhaps they could check the posts off as they’ve read them.

Antoher thing that came to mind now is the ability for the users to favorite posts. This way they can find and reach them easily if it contains information or assets that they want to have easy and/or regular access to.

That’s it, thanks!


Omg I would love this!!


Unread posts sounds like a damn great idea indeed! browsing content in Patreon is unfortunately kinda slow and cumbersome, any function like that surely would help.


Thanks for sharing your patrons feedback @Michel! Love this idea. :slight_smile:

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Cool! I was browsing through all my content the other day and really understood this need. I have a lot of content in my page that could be helpful for my audience but it surely is difficult to scroll through 150+ posts and keep track.

Filters such as “Show Unread Posts” or sorting options like putting the oldest post on top could be helpful. Even having a sort of “Archive” button could be nice so that the user can keep my profile as a sort of content inbox.