Reassigning patrons to new reward tiers?

Hey folks! I recently had a patron up her pledge to $50, so I created a new tier specifically for her. However, the tier doesn’t show up in the rewards list and I can’t take her out of her former category. This is also happening with my $5 and $15 tiers. Is there any way to move mis-assigned patrons into different tiers, or do they need to do it on their end? It’s really puzzling that I don’t seem to have any options to control reward assignment.

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I think they will have to change their pledge to put themselves in the new tier. I had the same issue when I created a new tier and already had patrons at that amount. I think it put them in the right place on the Patron Manager unless they’d selected “no reward”. I changed to patron based goals as opposed to monetary goals and you can’t see the number of patrons in each reward tier, but the Patron Manager has them all organized.

Congratulations on a $50 pledge!

Thanks! It’s from a friend so I’m not patting myself on the back too hard, haha. I’ll just message the various people and tell them to change their rewards, then. It’d be awesome if the system could slot them in automatically, though…