Recent and upcoming Messaging updates

Hey creators,

We’re excited to give an update on what we’ve been working on in regards to Patreon’s Messaging feature.

Shortly before the holidays, we released Phase I updates. Read on to learn more about what improvements we’ve made, and what’s next for Phase II.

Phase I

  • Threaded messages
    – Threaded messages will combine all active threads with a particular patron into one place.
    – No more new threads every time you send a message to the same patron and no more time wasted hunting down messages to remember the connection you’ve worked hard to forge. :raised_hands:
    – In addition to the threaded messages, you’ll see vital patron details in every thread, letting you know their pledge amount and tier.

  • Bulk messages will look different
    – Bulk messages will look a bit different now with this change in effect because there will be one thread for every patron instead of one thread for every message.

Phase II

Following up on Phase I, early this year we will also be adding functionality to:

  • Delete messages
  • Block a patron
  • Mute a thread

We’re committed to making messaging patrons a more seamless experience, so you can focus on creating memorable moments of connection with your patrons. Stay tuned for more updates on Phase II


Good news! These are some much needed improvements. And I’m happy to read these changes will be implemented “early this year”.

Not to be overzealous, but will there be a Phase III? To be able to mark messages as unread is a big one for me. I can think of more, but those are all nice-to-haves (like being able to save frequently used text snippets, save drafts, label/organize messages).


Thank you for letting us know, I’m looking forward to the changes!

I’m most curious about this one. Will this be the same block feature just more easily accessible in messages? Or will there be any alterations to blocking?


Oh yeay! Thank you!


Also it would be really great to be able to include links or images in messages!


Yes please!

For now we’re focusing on the roll out of Phase I and building the Phase II features, then rolling those out before discussing or committing to a Phase III.

Blocking within the messaging feature will be similar to blocking a phone number. The patron will not know they’ve been blocked from messaging. On their end they will still be able to “send” messages, however the creator will not receive them or be notified of the message. But with that said, the feature is still being built and may change slightly. We will dive into more specific details when the features are ready to roll out. :slight_smile:

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