Recommendation for hosting?

Hey all,

I’m a musician/YouTuber. I’ve used Dynamod for my web hosting for many years, and just got notice that they are going out of business. I am considering Bandzoogle, or perhaps Weebly (leaning toward Bandzoogle). Any thoughts? Would appreciate your recommendations. I see that Patreon has a discount for Wix but don’t know if there are any other benefits. I’d like to use whatever hosting I can best integrate with my Patreon/Youtube setup.

Thanks in advance!

I use Wordpress. I’ve used and for various projects (and websites are part of my day job so I’m pretty comfortable editing, designing etc). If you want a professional look and lots of options (inc. Patreon integration I believe) without too much hassle then the business version of will do the trick. :slight_smile:

Thank you Francesca! I am trying out Bandzoogle for now, as I am willing to sacrifice a bit of customization in favor of easy GUI-based editing. So far, Bandzoogle seems to cover most of the bases. Patreon integration would be pretty cool, but it’s about the only thing missing from Bandzoogle as far as I can see. I have until the end of May to get the new site up and running - Dynamod goes down after May 31. if you’re curious… I’m just trying it out and slowly building it up now.

Thanks again!!

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Hey there. Bandzoogle is an excellent choice for musicians and they have a Patreon integration as far as I’m aware. They also offer a subscriptions feature, which is similar to Patreon. I’ve used them for three years now and love them. They also have the best support features I’ve come across - you can chat to someone live or send an email. They’ve responded immediately every time I’ve chatted to them and they get back to emails very quickly.

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That’s awesome Sibuor, thanks! I’ll look around for the Patreon integration, haven’t found it yet.

Looks good! Best of luck with it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks again!! :blush::blush::blush:

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We use github to host currently but have been thinking of switching over to wix.

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