Redirect - New Branding

Looking for help on a fairly simple request. I started off as and have been using this extension for years. My brand (and team) has since expanded, and instead of making multiple pages, we give Patrons the benefits of all the productions my team and I create. We have a production company now, and are no longer just a single show, and instead of simply covering costs, this is a significant part of my team’s income. However, we’ve been using the /LibertyPodcast extension for years and don’t want $10,000’s of dollars of printed materials, in addition to interviews, articles, and thousands of stickers/business cards with that extension to suddenly be invalid. Is there any way that we could get a redirect on the old extension toward a new extension (/FoolandScholar)? At this point it’s actually hurting our brand because the bulk of our membership don’t listen to (or care about) the Liberty podcast and are with us for other shows.


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