Reducing number of tiers

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I would decide what are the main rewards you want to offer and go from there. When I restructured my tiers I realized two of the things I’d offered at the lower tiers (my nude vlogs and sensual selfies) were actually what I spent the most time on and I was giving way more of them that I had been initially (maybe 3 to 5 times more). So those became my mid-range tier at $10. It’s the most popular tier I have and the one most people start at even though I have a $2 and $5 as well.

My structure won’t translate exactly to yours because of the difference in mediums, but it might spark an idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can easily start by unlisting tiers. That doesn’t affect your current patrons, but brings clarity for potential patrons in the future. You can keep that for a while (a year?) and depending how the figures change, decide about actually moving people out of unlisted tiers.
Also, what is the point of limiting the $1 tier to just a few? That’s rather unusual. It’s usually an entry point for as many people as possible. Limiting spots is usually on the other end of the spectrum, where you have special offers affordable by and fulfillable to a select number of people.


Thanks for this tip, @TypographyGuru — realizing that I could unpublish tiers without deleting them or dumping all of the patrons that selected them was the push I needed to start thinking about restructuring.