Relationship manager difficulties

I see this on my ‘Exit surveys’ screen:

But I can find no patron who canceled that day, nor can I find any patron with an access expiration of Nov 1, nor any other indication. This isn’t about piercing anonymity in comments, but about the fact that a patron canceled and I received no notification of any kind and can’t find any reference to it in the Relationship Manager.

That information needs to be accurate! If it isn’t, it’s impossible to manage my patrons because I don’t know what is missing!

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Update - 48 hours later, other than the automated response, nobody has been in touch on ticket # 1365932.

Thanks for sharing your ticket number - I reached out to our support team to check on the status of your ticket. They’re aware of your ticket and an agent will get in touch with you soon.

Following up once more to let you know we think this is a bug and have flagged it as such. You’ll still hear from a support agent, but the bug ticket is already filed.

Thank you, but the fact that I had to come here and complain and STILL have not heard from them speaks volumes.

If a bug was filed, why did nobody bother to notify me?

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Finally received an email after 80 hours which simply repeated what was in the automated email. No update, no informaiton.

“Thank you for your patience”? Seriously? No acknowledgement that it’s a bug. No request for additional informaiton. No bug report number. Nothing. It was an email sent because I complained about not hearing. But getting the equivalent of ‘All operators are busy, please continue to hold’ isn’t an actual response.

An email was waiting for me this AM. If asked me for the email address of the patron! Seriously? My ticket expressly says I can’t identify who canceled because no cancelation shows up in the Relationship Manager!


It’s as if the person responding didn’t actually read the ticket! I wrote:

Oct 4, 2021, 7:20 AM PDT

In reviewing ‘Exit Surveys’ I see a Patron deleted their pledge on Oct 2. I did not get a notification in the notification screen, nor an email, nor can I find this patron using relationship manager. When I sort by cancel date, it shows Sept 30 as the most recent cancelation (not true, as you can see from the attached screen shot). When I sort by ‘Access expiration date’ it shows no expiration on Nov 1, as I would expect. I tried several other permutations and cannot find ANY reference to this cancellation. Please explain how this is even possible?

Note: This is NOT about anonymity, it’s about complete lack of transparency and erroneous reporting/relationship manager information.

I’m not sure how I could have made it more clear!

You might ask why this is so important - I make content available via because of the limitations of Patreon’s system. I need to know who canceled so I can suspend their access.

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Still nothing, which means I have no choice but to spend several hours doing a laborious manual comparison of current patrons (around 350) with the Sync system. Otherwise, this individual will be receiving their THIRD batch of free content tomorrow, all because Patreon can’t answer a simple question - who canceled their patronage?

The response today:

In this case, the patron account might’ve been deleted with all the patron information or our fraud team removed the patron account for suspicious activity or chargeback, or others.

In this case, we are not able to provide the specific reason, only the possibilities due to confidential reasons.

But I can confirm that your relationship manager is working correctly.

No, it is NOT working correctly if it cannot tell me who canceled their account so I can manage fulfillment. All I want is the answer to a simple question - which patron canceled. That’s it. If Relationship Manager can’t tell me, then no, it is NOT working correctly.

Once again - a simple question: which patron canceled?

What reason is there for us to still not know who was removed? Especially if they’re potentially associated with fraud??? Why would Patreon not notify us of that?

This is ridiculous.

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Of course, it is. If you have old CSV files of patrons, you already have the information. This is mere handwaving on their part.

Patreon’s customer service has just gotten worse and worse over the years. We shouldn’t have to fight and nag so much to get answers to simple questions. Nor should have to hunt down staff on various platforms just to be heard.

I’m sorry you have this additional workload placed on you now.

Honestly, the biggest saving grace for me with this platform right now is that I’m copying my posts over to Ko-Fi as a backup/additional option for a revenue stream. I’m tired of pulling out my hair over all this.

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I’m using BuyMeACoffee as my backup. I use Sync,com because the UI at Patreon makes it tough on my patrons.

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