Relationship Manager organization by date

This was mentioned back in August 2018 or so about possibly being added, but I was just wondering, was there any progress or stuff in the works on adding the feature to the Patron Relationship Manager where we could organize it by date of the last pledge?

So then if we did, say, “Former Patrons”, we could specifically message ones that hadn’t been on our Patreon in years, vs messaging all of them and thus messaging ones who had just stopped pledging last month.

The reason I’d want to do this (and I figure others might also) is to let people who’ve not checked out the Patreon in years know where our progress is at if they wanted to check things out again on our project, to let them know that we’re nearly done, that sort of thing, but such a message would be pointless to people who just stopped pledging recently due to not being able to afford staying pledged or whatever else.