Renting/Borrowing spaces for photos, filming, or events?

Hi there, I’m curious to know if any of you ever rent spaces to do photos, film, or even hold events. I’m curious about how often you do this and why you would. What sort of things are you looking for in space.

In general, understanding how you think of space and how you use it in your creations is just an interesting topic!

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I’m working on finding a space to test out live versions of the podcast on a regular basis. I’ve been checking peerspace out since I saw them mentioned on the Patreon blog.


@dearestscooter Cool! Let me know how that goes :slight_smile:

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For photoshoots and filming both. What I’m looking for in a space is:

  • permit-less friendly (don’t require one)
  • insurance-less friendly
  • not an arm and a leg $$

The rest depends on what I’m shooting & what the script requires. Location is a huge chunk of the budget and a big reason why I can’t put out content constantly.

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What resources do you use to find locations?

Airbnb, Splacer, Peerspace, and friends.

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