Reply to messages via email

It would be great if we (and patrons) could respond to private messages by just replying to the email notification.

Currently I deliver certain rewards by messaging patrons through the relationship manager and asking them some questions. Patrons then get an email notifying them of the message, but apparently some of them didn’t know that this is not just me emailing them, and they respond to the notification email itself instead of clicking the “View Message” button, logging into patreon, and replying in their DMs.

I’ve had a few people get upset with me because they think I’m ignoring them, meanwhile I never got their response because they replied to the notification email from

It would also save me some time if I could reply to messages by email instead of going into patreon and having to deal with the quirky DMs interface.


This is a great idea! I love this!


I’ll 2nd this and say if replying directly via email isn’t a good idea for Patreon, could you at least include the content of the message in the email? Or allow us to give it a subject line to entice/encourage/beg them to open it?

As the creator above, a lot of the times these messages are an effort to fulfill our duties to get rewards to these people and I KNOW they’d love to get the rewards, but if the email they get just says, “[creator] has sent you a message.” that’s not inspiring to address or even really care about. Patron retention is about making connections and we want our messages to feel personal!!!


Thanks for sharing this idea @gregzaal! I’ll make note of it and share with the team :slight_smile:


Yes! I have often wondered if sometimes low engagement is due to people seeing a post in their email and not wanting to take all the steps to go through patreon to like the post or leave a comment. Would love Patrons to be able to respond directly to me via email.


I second that!

This is a feature I have been waiting for so long. Managing patron messages via my email client would be just so easier. Message threads on the Patreon UI is very hard to follow (especially when you have to deal with hundreds of supporters) and there are tons of features in Gmail I would use but cannot in Patreon.

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