Request: A More Robust WYSIWYG Editor for Creating Posts

I would like to request a post editor that looks more like the one you have for when you Edit the “About Your Patreon Page” Section. Specifically the ability to make:

  • H tags - H1-H3 would be sufficient
  • blockquote
  • alignment - what poet wouldn’t love to be able to CENTER some of their art

Why the WYSIWYG Editor isn’t consistent across the creator-accessible platform is perplexing.


I, too, would like to see some more editing options. I prefer to keep all of my audience in one place rather than shipping them off to a separate blogging platform for certain things but I think it would be even better if there were some basic editing options as in the About Me section.


And while they’re at it - expand the messaging with the same capabilities. At least the option to attached files!


Horizontal rules would be nice.

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The editor used to have an HTML view that allowed a wider range of tags, but they got rid of it a while ago.

+1 I would love this. :slight_smile: